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The production process of down and feathers

The process to produce feathers and down has a significant influence on the final quality of the product. Therefore, Italpiume has chosen to make substantial investments in technology and machinery.



The process starts with a precise and accurate selection of unprocessed feathers, that is de-dusted, to eliminate any dust particles and impurities.


Then, the product is subjected to several washing and sanitizing treatments, which end with sterilization, at 140°.



Lastly, the feathers go to the sorting machines through a system of pipes, where the air flows separate the feathers from down.


They differ in weight, structure, softness and the ability to recover volume after compression.

All the down padded products are created to perform different functions besides the primary one of providing thermal protection and comfort. 

Therefore, it is crucial to have an in depth knowledge of feathers and down and to choose the best raw materials available in the market: for those reasons, Italpiume invests continuously  in research and development projects.

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