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Italpiume is one of the largest European down and feather processing company. The company employs the most advanced machinery and techniques to guarantee superior quality and great comfort to each product.

We select the best raw materials available in the worldwide market and we offer a full range of material, from washed small feathers for cushions to “high-down” for top-range products.


This has a fairly large and stump quill and is very silky at its base. The feathery part is large, flexible, thick, slightly curved and squat at its top end. Compared to down, a goose feather is heavier and less flexible because of its quill which however does ensure elasticity and long-term duration.


Down represents the top end part of the plumage market because it is extremely light and fluffy. It is extremely voluminous with a high filling power and it is for this reason that is easily recognizable at touch.


We provide a large selection of synthetic fibres to fulfill your needs and requests.

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